If the form says” you already voted”, please try voting from your mobile device with the wi-fi turned off. There is only one vote allowed per connection, so you can not vote from the same internet connection twice! If you recieve this message, someone in your house or office has already voted.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you are attempting to vote and it shows a page stating you have already voted, then someone from your computer/building has already submitted a vote. You can attempt to vote from your mobile device (with wifi turned off).

You are only allowed one vote during the entire voting period to keep voting authentic and fair.

If you are having a question about the voting or tickets, then email our webmaster ([email protected]). If your question isnt technical or it is about the actual Award Show, then please contact [email protected]

The winners are decided based on public votes. The NIMA Association decides the nominees, which are then open to the public for voting on this website, and the public votes to decide the winner. The votes are limited to one per IP address & email to keep things fair.

The nominees are decided by the NIMA Association. Once the nominees are final, they are submitted to the board and the public decides the winner.

If you have questions about the process, please visit the Awards Process page and browse the other “NIMA Info” pages for details about the process and criteria.

Performers for the award ceremony are selected.
If you are a nominee and would like to perform at the ceremony, please contact us. Spots may be filled but there is a chance we may be able to use you as a guests performer, presenter, or etc. We also have other shows leading up to the ceremony that we may be able to use you for.If you are not nominated, there will likely not be opportunities for you to perform at the ceremony. Also, this award show does not offer pay-to-perform slots. We do have other shows leading up to the award ceremony, you may inquire about those.

Tickets to the show can be purchased on this website, in-person from select members of the NIMA association, or on the day of the show at the venue (Note: price increase on the day of the show)

Nominees receive one ticket for each member of the band/act only (solo artists receive one ticket). Tickets for significant others, managers, and etc must be purchased.

All nominees should have received an email letting them know they were nominated and that they can attend the show free. This email also states that nominees must pickup tickets in advance to be able to attend the show. Nominee tickets can be picked up at the NIMA week events in the week leading up to the show. If you are a nominee and havent gotten your tickets and need to make arrangements or have questions, you may respond to that email or email [email protected]

** If the form says you already voted, please try voting from your mobile device (with the wi-fi turned off). **

As the webmaster I am here to help people having an issue, however I can’t help if the only information provided is “I cant vote” or “I would like to vote for…”. Please be specific as possible about your issue, the more helpful information you provide, the easier it will be to help you.

You can contact me via [email protected]

For questions or more information email us:
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