Awards Process


The NIMA Association is 100% responsible for the nomination process. The NIMA Association is divided into different Music Councils by genre. (ex…Rock Music Council, Urban Music Council, Country Music Council, Blues Music Council etc…)  Each council within the NIMA Association is responsible for nominating artist for their genre only.  (ex…The Country Music Council cannot nominate Rock, Blues, Urban artist etc…They can only nominate Country. This applies to all councils.) Each council is also responsible for submitting nominees in the general categories. (ex…Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Best Video etc…)  Once the NIMA Association nominations are complete the fans vote online to determine the winners.



The different NIMA Association councils have numerous meetings, and round table discussions to research nominees.  These meeting are held to ensure that nominations meet specific qualifications, and criteria in their appropriate fields.  The purpose of screenings is not to make artistic or technical judgments about the entries, but rather to make sure that each entry is eligible and placed in its proper category.


Final Voting

Final voting is done by the fans via our website.



Voting results are not announced until the presentation ceremony.   At that time the winners are delivered to the presenters, and announced to the world.  We have over twenty categories. We only present 10-13 awards at the actual award show.  Some of the awards are given out on the NIMA red carpet at the actual show.  Other awards are given out at events during NIMA Week. (note.. Its impossible to give away 30+ awards in one ceremony. It would take four hours.)

Important Dates (subject to change)
April 30th:  End of Consideration Period for the 2018 NIMA
May 1st – June 30th:  Nominations Process
July 1st: Voting Starts
August 12th:  Voting Ends
August 19th-26th: 2018 NIMA Week
August 26th:  NIMA XII
August 31st:  End of NIMA Fiscal Year
September 1st:  Start of NIMA Fiscal Year
September 1st:  NIMA Association Open Enrollment Start