About NIMA


NIMA stands for Nashville Industry Music Awards.


NIMA was developed in the summer of 2004 by Corey “CORMAT” Matthews, and a group of Nashville music industry professionals. Its primary purpose is to recognize the Middle Tennessee music industry along with supporting, and nurturing the music community.


The mission of the NIMA Association is to promote music in Middle Tennessee through collaboration, promotion, and support in the community.

NIMA Association:

The NIMA Association is a group of Middle Tennessee Entertainment Business Professionals who care about the music culture in Middle Tennessee. The members are an entrepreneurial and, diverse group who care about the music first. This Association is responsible for the NIMA nomination process. The NIMA Association is divided into different Music Councils by genre. (ex…Rock Music Council, Urban Music Council, Country Music Council, Blues Music Council etc…) Each council within the NIMA Association is responsible for nominating artist for their genre only. (ex…The Country Music Council cannot nominate Rock, Blues, or Urban artist etc…They can only nominate Country. This applies to all councils.) Each council is also responsible for submitting nominees in the general categories. (ex…Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Best Video etc…) Once the NIMA Association nominations are complete the fans vote online to determine the winners.

The NIMA Association does not nominate people that we don’t think should win. Here at the NIMA’s we understand the impact, and responsibility of saying someone is the best that Middle Tennessee has to offer. Our organization is ran by high character individuals who care about the music culture of Nashville. We don’t nominate/award our sponsors just because they support our show. If you get nominated for a NIMA, you earned the right to represent Middle Tennessee as one of the best. Our awards are given based on how good your music is, and how much talent & hustle you have.

Corey “CORMAT” Matthews
Chairman / Founder / CEO